LATTICE80, in partnership with the NEM Foundation, announces it's first offering under it's Impact Blockchain initiative — a free event to students of Singapore for an introduction to NEM's blockchain platform and a real use case of LATTICE80's KAYA Network on NEM....
LATTICE80 interviews Olga Feldmeier, co-founder and CEO of Smart Valor. She was recently identified as a top Fintech personality in our report LATTICE80 Europe 200.
KAYA Network is LATTICE80’s vision to connect Fintech and Blockchain organisations, Financial Institutions, Corporates, Governments and the Public in 200 cities globally. Here's a simple guide to help you participate in the ongoing Pre-ICO Sale of the KAYA Token.
LATTICE80 is airdropping KAYA tokens each to members of our fast growing community. Find out how you can receive your free tokens.
David Galipeau, Chief Impact Officer for Asia-Pacific at United Nations SDG Impact Finance (UNSIF) has joined LATTICE80 as an Advisor. LATTICE80 through its network of over 11,000 startups, corporates, financial institutions and government organisation within the KAYA Network — a strong global network in the domains of Fintech and Blockchain — will facilitate the Global Goals with UNSIF by creating impact through technology. David joins us as an Advisor to support the ‘Impact Blockchain’ initiative under KAYA Network.
We will learn how to use NEM blockchain to create wallets. We will integrate NEM with Laravel Framework and build the web app. You should be familiar with making apps with Laravel framework and you need a fresh Laravel Installation. We will utilize...
LATTICE80 interviews Dr Gideon Greenspan, founder and CEO of Coin Sciences Ltd. He was recently identified as one of the top blockchain personalities in our report LATTICE80 Blockchain 100.
LATTICE80 is setting up a foundation to offer free Blockchain education programmes to local students in Singapore. The Singapore branch of LATTICE80 will function as non-profit. The objectives for us are to: Help train a generation of talent with the latest...
LATTICE80 interviews Steve Tendon, Founder and Director of Chain Strategies. He was recently identified as one of the top blockchain personalities in our report LATTICE80 Blockchain 100.
Details of the Lithuanian delegation of startups led by MITA and link to get your tickets to the Demo Day in this post... LATTICE80 is glad to invite those wishing to attend the Demo Day on June 01, 2018.