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This guide will help you to sign up on Blocktrade with steps to complete the required Know Your Customer (KYC) process included as well.
LATTICE80 interviews Alexi Lane, Founder & CEO at EVEREX. EVEREX is a financial technology company specialising in applying blockchain solutions to cross-border payments, trading and lending. Everex services create decentralised, global credit histories and scorings for individuals and SMEs.
Pleasant surprise to see my newsletter (shared yesterday) was used as a topic for an article in Alphaville (Financial Times)! Jemima is right to say I should not use the 4 month old chart when BTC (over USD) crashed almost by...
(Image from CNBC) Do you know you can even pay tax in Bitcoin in some countries? My first encounter with Bitcoin was when I hired a developer who was based in Brazil and he asked if I could pay him in...
In this guide, we shall show you the exact steps to send KAYA tokens to your Blocktrade exchange account.
LATTICE80 is airdropping KAYA tokens following the massive response to the previous campaign in November, celebrating its first listing on blocktrade.com.
LATTICE80, in its continuing series of reports, aims to identify key people that contribute to the FinTech industry as influencers through action. We present our latest list of top 100 Fintech influencers in South East Asia whom you must follow to keep in the know of latest developments and trends in the industry.
Miss Kaya and LATTICE80 announced the launch of an accelerator programme for women entrepreneurs at the Singapore FinTech Festival. The accelerator will focus specifically on supporting women-led businesses.
Training and education to reskill Singapore’s future workforce with skills for digital innovation.
LATTICE80 will work with DIFC by supporting their partnership network to bring together local, regional and international financial experts and institutions. This partnership also helps LATTICE80 to strengthen its network and presence in the MEASA region with Dubai as a base.