Chengdu Hi-tech Zone and Cass Business School Strengthening Cooperation on Financial Professionals


CHENGDU, China, July 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — On June 22 local time in London, Jiaozi Fin-Tech Dreamworks, which is located at Chengdu Hi-tech Zone, signed a cooperation agreement with Cass Business School of the United Kingdom on co-promoting the exchange and cooperation of financial professionals between Chengdu and London. This is another substantial cooperation step between Chengdu and London in the field of finance after Cass Business School Chengdu Center was built in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone in March of this year.

Now, Chengdu is making great efforts to build itself as the financial center in Western China. In recent years, Chengdu Financial City, located at Chengdu Hi-tech Zone, has become the financial technology industry leader in Chengdu, while Jiaozi Fin-Tech Dreamworks is one of the most important financial technology shared work spaces. As to “Jiaozi”, it was invented in Chengdu around 1,000 years ago and was the earliest paper currency in China and even the whole world.

At present, Jiaozi Fin-Tech Dreamworks has accumulated 102 domestic and international financial technology teams. In 2019, its operation area will amount to 100,000 square meters. It is predicted that there will be about 300 enterprises and 10,000 research personnel in term of financial technology before the end of this year.

There is a long history of cooperation between Chengdu and London on financial industry. In early 2010, the Mayor of London Financial City visited Chengdu Financial City to discuss cooperation opportunity in the process of Chengdu building the Financial Center of Western China. Last March, Chengdu Jiaozi Financial Holding Group was invited to attend the London Global Fin-Tech Summit. Last June, its representative office was established in London; and on March 7 of this year, Cass Business School Chengdu Center was officially opened at Chengdu Hi-tech Zone. The center will provide personnel training for the development of Chengdu’s fin-tech industry based on the well-experienced faculty and strong scientific research strength of Cass Business School. At the same time, Cass Business School will also encourage top talents and industrial incubation platforms affiliated to Jiaozi Fin-Tech Dreamworks to establish long-term research cooperation mechanism and join hands to promote the R & D and commercialization of financial technology.