Daphne Ng – Top 100 Women in Fintech 2019

This article features an interview with Daphne Ng, CEO of JEDTrade, and one of our Top 100 Women in Fintech 2019.


This interview is part of a series of interviews featuring female Fintech leaders globally. LATTICE80, in partnership with Miss Kaya, recently published our Top 100 Women in Fintech 2019 list.The effort reflects our efforts in women empowerment and support in a field where women continue to be underrepresented. Check out the full list for 2018 here as well. 

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Disclaimer: The interviews are published on a rolling basis and the order by which they are published by no means representative of any rankings.

This article features an interview with Daphne Ng, CEO of JEDTrade, and one of our Top 100 Women in Fintech 2019.

1. Tell us more about what you do and how did you move into Fintech?

I am the CEO of JED and we are a technology company focused on fintech and blockchain solutioning for our clients in the areas of data, supply chain and financial services.

It was an interesting move into fintech 3 years ago to combine my domain in “fin” (9 years in corporate banking and last role in structured trade) with my two other tech co-founders’ expertise in  blockchain and software security.

2. What does being a woman in Fintech mean to you?

At a broad level, it’s never a gender-specific contention for me. Performance and good work speaks for itself regardless.

On a personal level, it means exercising assertiveness with grace, and rising above norms.

3. What challenges do you think women face in Fintech?

I always joke that I am taken seriously by several notches up, only after I speak or present. I guess it’s good to always exceed expectations (LOL).

4. What advice would you give to other women starting out and growing their careers in Fintech?

Find good mentors in the early stage, build a strong team, and be consistent in your work ethics and values – this is what you will be known for.

And take risks. It’s better to fail many times in a sunrise industry, than stay constant in a sunset one.

5. What are 3 keywords to describe Fintech for 2019?

Data privacy, Blockchain, Crypto payments