Francisco Benedito, Co-Founder & CEO Climatecoin – Top 100 Fintech for SDG Influencers

This article features an interview with Francisco Benedito, Co-Founder and CEO of Climatecoin, and one of our Top 100 Fintech for SDG Influencers.


This interview is part of a series of interviews featuring Fintech influencers who are doing work that advances our efforts in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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This article features an interview with Francisco Benedito, Co-Founder and CEO of Climatecoin, and one of our Top 100 Fintech for SDG Influencers.

1. Tell us more about what you do and how your role or project is making an impact. How do they support the SDGs?

ClimateTrade is a decentralized carbon credits marketplace that uses blockchain technology to allow corporations and individuals worldwide to compensate their emissions and, also permits disruptive projects from all around the world to hang their financial necessities and find financing.

Projects who need to generate carbon credits and don’t have financing, can also tokenize their future credits and so these green assets can be sold in the platform or outside of it; they can make special campaigns for their project, referring the customers to the platform to buy their future assets or invest in their project.

The same mechanism is used for financing disruptive projects and business that are focused on tackling climate change and others aligned with SDGs.

We expect during this year to access to more than 3.6 million customers that can benefit between 10 to 20 projects around the world including different SDGs such as 1,6,7,13,14, 15, 17…

2. Why do you see Fintech and/or Blockchain in particular as an important enabler in creating a social impact?

We have introduced blockchain technology in the carbon and the sustainable financing markets, so initially, this supposes a breakthrough of the way everything was working until this moment as Blockchain technology permits strengthen the monitoring, reporting, and verification of the impacts of climate action, improving the transparency and traceability of climate action and reducing transaction costs related to the certification of carbon credits. Also builds trust among climate actors and It democratizes the incentive mechanisms for climate action accessible to the poorest. Finally mobilizes the support of green finance.

ClimateTrade is the first platform worldwide already in place, with the best UX available in the market, with the fastest and wider capacity technology proven, that presents a breakthrough business model by disrupting traditional carbon markets and mixing it with a blended finance innovative approach.

3. What are some challenges you face along the way?

Our biggest challenge would be to get the right size, engage with the right partners and enough user base. We have advanced a lot on these areas, but the dream scenario is to be the most recognized platform worldwide and that, requires the stated before. Therefore our focus today is to enlarge Climate Blockchain Initiatives, scale up the Climatetrade platform worldwide and be able to use Climatecoin and the CO2 token to finance environmental projects and create an Exponential organization that can make a real impact in the world. Measuring the positive impact generated under the B-Corporation principles, for which we are working on the B-Assessment.

4. What more do you think is needed in the ecosystem to support and facilitate creating a greater social impact?

There are many projects around the world that with the right amount of money and guidance could be of exponential good for climate change action. We found out that the different funds whether public or private don’t have sometimes enough funds to finance all the projects they receive, and therefore these projects are not acknowledged by other organizations. A solution that can feature these projects in front of funds philanthropists family offices, regional development banks and citizens is needed, so we can create a definitive blended finance solution. We are engaging with more partners and any support on this side is fantastic. We make a call for more partners to join our platform and together create the reference platform for green financing worldwide.

5. What do you hope to see or achieve in 10 years’ time?

Our purpose is to create a more fair, green and digital economy. We work for the poorest, those who emit less CO2 emissions to the planet but more see their future threatened. But we have hope, in the future people help people, without intermediaries, not by laws but by their own will and for their benefit as impact investors.

We aim to enlarge our platform and create a global market where the companies developing projects in different countries interact with polluting companies in other countries. Also, citizens from around the world will be able to offset their carbon footprint in a new positive way and participate in projects that disrupt the way to fight against climate change. This approach is a breakthrough in the way the carbon markets are created today, as they are static, isolated and with a clear lack of liquidity. Also permits to bring to reality disruptive projects to tackle climate change that can be exponential and that are the real solutions to be able to solve this problem. Small disruptive technologies and projects and the interaction of citizens will be the key to defeat climate change.

We are establishing Climatecoin and the ClimateTrade platform as the reference for the financing of environmental projects worldwide and therefore we are creating an exponential organization that can make a real impact in the world. The Time is Now!