LATTICE80 ICO platform for Fintech and Blockchain Startups in KAYA Network


LATTICE80 is launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) platform for startups within the KAYA Network.

LATTICE80 has built the KAYA Network as a global network of over 11,000 fintech and blockchain startups in more than 100 cities in its database.

The ICO platform will help startups within the KAYA Network to have access to KYC-completed investors during the capital raise. The platform will also provide a database with due diligence functions that helps investors gain more information to manage their cryptocurrency investment portfolios better.

Companies that once relied on scale to attract VCs are now able to expedite the process by selling tokens instead. Fabric Ventures reported that projects were able to raise $5.6 billion by way of ICO in 2017. This is being seen as a way to democratise the VC industry.

An ICO provides entrepreneurs with an alternative source of fundraising – allowing them to protect voting rights through conservative equity ownership and reduce regulatory compliance requirements. ICOs also allow small individual investors with little disposable capital in any geography to partake in the investment process.

The LATTICE80 ICO platform will additionally help educate retail investors about the projects being developed. Startups will be able to connect within the KAYA Network for additional support to ensure a community-based approach.


Joe Seunghyun Cho, Co-founder and Founding CEO of LATTICE80, shares more about the announcement from Copenhagen Fintech Week where he gave a keynote on ‘How ICOs are democratising the VC Industry’:

“The ICO way of fundraising is growing rapidly – with immense support from small retail investors all over the world making it a viable mode. Entrepreneurs are sometimes able to raise 10x the dollar amount in 1/10th the time when compared to the traditional ways of fundraising.

While the market is growing, support from institutions for this model of fundraising is currently fragmented if not entirely absent. We at LATTICE80 are thus willing to leverage the KAYA Network to bring stakeholders together onto a single ICO platform to assist each other, supported by our group’s additional experience with traditional venture capital and private equity.”