LATTICE80’s KAYA Network ICO hit soft cap target

11,000 people joined the Telegram group within the first 3 days...

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  • KAYA Network to connect local Fintech and Blockchain communities globally
  • Hit soft cap target during private sales and pre ICO
  • Over 11,000 people joined the ICO Telegram group during the first 3 days



LATTICE80, London based Fintech Hub, is launching NEM based KAYA Network to connect Fintech & Blockchain startups with financial institutions & corporates and governments worldwide.

LATTICE80 is the world’s largest Fintech hub with over 11,000 Fintech & Blockchain startups and upwards of 200,000 professionals in its global database.

The company hit the soft cap target of 10,000 ETH during the private sales and pre-ICO period.

More than 11,000 people from all over the world joined the Telegram group within 3 days of launching the ICO campaign.

The first round of the ICO will end this week and the next round begins on 16th July, 2018.


Joe Seunghyun Cho,  Co-founder and Founding CEO of LATTICE80, shares more about the announcement from Berlin:

“We aim to be a real community driven platform; with our community focused approach being the only way we scale up. The community itself will drive innovation and grow organically by itself. ICO is a new trend democratising the VC industry and is the best way of engaging the community.

KAYA Network had over 11,000 of its supporters join within the first 3 days. We will continue expansion by building local communities in every corner of the world.

Our community of startups and supporters will collaborate with corporations and governments to transform our world in to a better place.”