LATTICE80 launches KAYA token on NEM

  • KAYA Network to connect 11,000 Fintech, Blockchain startups in LATTICE80 database
  • To use NEM platform for issue of utility tokens to use LATTICE80 services and partners’ services
  • Light Paper will be published today to kickstart private sales of ICO

KAYA Network is LATTICE80’s vision to connect Fintech and Blockchain organisations, Financial Institutions, Corporates, Governments and the Public in 200 cities globally.

The network currently has over 11,000 companies in its database, and launching the KAYA token for offering its services to members. Startup members and other partners will also be able to offer their own services to other members of the network.

KAYA token is a pure utility token to offer LATTICE80 and partners’ services to their customers.

LATTICE80 chose the NEM platform to issue the first set of tokens and build services on it.

Joe Seunghyun Cho, Co-founder and CEO of LATTICE80, on this announcement:

“KAYA network will be a digital platform that provides financial services together with various stakeholders in fintech and blockchain. LATTICE80 will continue to expand its network to co-create the next generation of Financial Services with partners within the KAYA Network.

We are happy to choose NEM to issue the first tokens and build services on it. NEM’s platform offers a reliable and scalable system to build institutional level services. NEM foundation’s vision to build blockchain innovation for the people is aligned with LATTICE80’s. I believe NEM Foundation’s effort to support the Fintech and Blockchain communities will also benefit the LATTICE80 community.”