LATTICE80, Marvelstone Group backed Global FinTech Hub reveals ICO plan to launch KAYA token


Singapore, March 6, 2018 — Global Fintech Hub LATTICE80 reveals their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to launch KAYA Network to connect FinTech & Blockchain Startups globally.

LATTICE80, backed by Marvelstone Group, opened the world’s largest FinTech hub in Singapore back in late 2016. Plans include building on its experience with the first branch which has since been closed to launch in several locations in Europe and Asia in 2018.

Joe Seunghyun Cho, Founding CEO of LATTICE80 and Chairman of Marvelstone Group, said: “ The idea is all about connectivity and we believe that with the launch of KAYA Network, we will be able to create more synergies for FinTech & Blockchain startups globally. KAYA tokens will be offered through its own ICO and it will be used for services from LATTICE80 and startups in its ecosystem. LATTICE80 will leverage on its database of 10,000 FinTech startups and communities in new branches to build the world’s largest FinTech community.”

Sang Min Kim, Adviser to LATTICE80, said: “It is good to be part of a progressive team that seeks to build an ecosystem to support innovation within the finance industry. Given the significance that these developments and changes may bring, the regulator’s role is becoming ever more important to help the industry to adopt innovation properly.”

Sang Min Kim recently joined LATTICE80 as an adviser. He was the youngest senator in the ruling party, Liberty Korea Party, during the last presidency.  As a member of National Policy Committee, he oversaw regulatory bodies and also spearheaded the Committee for Financial Innovation.

LATTICE80 is a Global Fintech Hub building an ecosystem for fintech startups, corporates/financial institutions, governments, and the public to collaborate, learn, and co-create. LATTICE80 opened the World’s largest Fintech hub in Singapore in Nov 2016 and is planning to open several branches in Europe and Asia in 2018. The project is backed by Marvelstone Group.