LATTICE80 plans to launch World’s first Altcoin Futures this year


London, 13 March 2018 — LATTICE80, London headquartered Global Fintech Hub has revealed its plan to launch World’s first Altcoin Futures this year at Money 20/20 Asia in Singapore.

LATTICE80 is backed by Quant Hedge Fund Marvelstone Group and has moved global
headquarters to London to support its global expansion plans in Europe, Asia and US.
Joe Seunghyun Cho, Co-founder and Founding CEO of LATTICE80, said : “Demand in Crypto market is growing tremendously but properly structured products are not easily accessible to financial institutions and retail investors yet.

We are glad to announce our plans to launch World’s first Altcoin futures this year. We will
continue to work with regulators, financial institutions and fintech startups to bring more
products to serve the market needs.”

LATTICE80 will introduce Smart Crypto Indexes first, and then launch products based on these indexes.

Sang Min Kim, Former Senator of South Korea and Advisor at LATTICE80, said : “Regulators and financial institutions will continue to adopt innovation to offer better services to customers. Working with startups will be one of the best ways of adopting innovations within the industry. I am glad to support LATTICE80’s effort to build a global ecosystem. Our effort to bring Crypto market and the technology behind into the traditional market will be a good showcase to explain what we are trying to achieve with LATTICE80’s ecosystem – ‘Kaya Network’.”

LATTICE80 recently announced its plan to connect Fintech and Blockchain startups in its own ecosystem named ‘Kaya Network’ by launching Kaya tokens through an ICO. Participants will be able to use services from LATTICE80 and its member startups.
Marvelstone Group will also continue to support LATTICE80 to offer Funds, Robo Advisory and
other services.

LATTICE80 is a Global Fintech Hub building an ecosystem for fintech startups, corporates/financial institutions, governments, and the public to collaborate, learn, and co-create. LATTICE80 opened the World’s largest Fintech hub in Singapore in Nov 2016 and will expand in Europe, Asia and US in 2018.
The project is backed by Singapore based hedge fund, Marvelstone Group.

About Joe Seunghyun Cho
Founding CEO, LATTICE80
Co-founder and Chairman, Marvelstone Group

Joe is the Co-founder and Chairman of Marvelstone Group, a private investment group based in Singapore that invests in dynamic and high-growth businesses and startups. He is also the Co-founder and Founding CEO of LATTICE80, the world’s largest fintech hub. Joe is passionate about building a global fintech ecosystem to bridge Asia with the rest of the world. He is also a keen proponent of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies that are ushering in a new financial revolution.

About Sang Min Kim
Former Senator of South Korea
Advisor, LATTICE80 Sang Min was the youngest senator in the ruling party, Liberty Korea Party during the last presidency. As a member of National Policy Committee, he oversaw regulatory bodies and also spearheaded the Committee for Financial Innovation.