LATTICE80 set up a foundation to offer free Blockchain programmes to local students

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LATTICE80 is setting up a foundation to offer free Blockchain education programmes to local students in Singapore.

The Singapore branch of LATTICE80 will function as non-profit.

The objectives for us are to:

  • Help train a generation of talent with the latest understanding of Blockchain technology
  • Ensure Singapore’s global readiness in this fast evolving ecosystem
  • Facilitate exchange of knowledge with rest of the world through our KAYA Network

LATTICE80 has been working towards developing a robust ecosystem in Singapore for Fintech, Blockchain, AI and other emerging technologies that will help achieve Singapore’s Smart Nation goals.

The biggest challenge for any nation when it comes to an emerging technology is developing a strong, fast-paced channel for transfer of knowledge. LATTICE80 through its network of over 11,000 startups, corporates, financial institutions and government organisation worldwide is able to facilitate this need.

Students in Singapore stand to benefit most from the educational programmes that will be made available at absolutely no charge.

Joe Seunghyun Cho, Co-founder and Founding CEO of LATTICE80, on this update:

“Since we launched the first Fintech Hub we launched in November 2016 during the Singapore Fintech Festival, the support we received from the ecosystem was phenomenal. Singapore has became a global Fintech leader. Out of many sectors, we see huge opportunity for Singapore to play an important role in Blockchain industry.

Industry is growing fast and the demand in talents is huge. We are very excited to commit Singapore Branch as a non-profit organization and offer free education to students to become next generation of innovators in the country. KAYA Network will bring best industry leaders globally to offer the world’s first class education programmes and hope this will benefit fast growing Blockchain community in Singapore.”

LATTICE80 is planning to open a new Fintech and Blockchain hub in Singapore.