Member Interview : Asset Algo, Vinish Ramanathan


Asset Algo ( is a digital ecosystem for wealth managers who market Hedge Fund and CTA investments through managed accounts. The vision is to make institutional level investment tools and services accessible to the individual. The team is based out of Singapore, London, Tokyo and Philippines.





Share your journey to get to where you are…

Feels like we have been through a labyrinth, trying to navigate the complex global financial regulatory landscape, overcoming the high barriers to entry and finding the right business model. B2B, B2C, B2B2C – speak no more! Glad that’s over!


Who are your peers in Asia

Anyone who is focussed on building solutions to better manage retail wealth.


What do you wish you’d have known 3 years ago that you know now

The names of all the companies in LATTICE80 so we could have bought up the domains. On a serious note, no regrets.


How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors

All the decisions that we make are shaped by the needs of the end user.


If you sold your company today, what would you like to gain and want to avoid losing

We do not want to sell it today. Hypothetically speaking, if we do sell, then it would be to gain the freedom to effect more positive change to the world.


How would your company maintain the culture of innovation as the business grows bigger

We fostered the innovation culture very early on to keep pace with the rapidly evolving landscape. We invested heavily in R&D and consciously shaped our internal communications policies.



What kind of person would succeed in the startup space

Will share this when we succeed. KIV.


What advice would you offer to any soon to be startup founder
Find your product market fit quickly and build a good team. Look for a mentor figure, surround yourself with entrepreneurs and don’t give up. Lead a healthy lifestyle.


In your opinion, what are some pain points that are not being addressed by the market in the Fintech space

Hedge funds are ramping up on their technology spend. There is a lot of opportunity to build innovative digital solutions for asset managers.


When it is all over, how would you like to be remembered

Never thought about it that way, fame is just a byproduct.


In one word, describe yourself

I’m a giver.


In one word, describe LATTICE80



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