Memberships open for LATTICE80 KAYA Network [UPDATED]

We are now accepting membership requests from individuals and companies within the Fintech and Blockchain industry to join KAYA Network.

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Join KAYA Network and make the right connections with:

1) Fintech & Blockchain Startups

2) Financial Institutions & Corporates

3) Governments

4) The Public

In support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), KAYA Network connects participants of the Fintech and Blockchain industry to cultivate technology with purpose and facilitate innovation to make our world a better place.


KAYA Network’s FintechDB is an artificially intelligent online tool to provide participants of the Fintech and Blockchain ecosystem with industry-specific targeted information that is currently lacking in the space. It is the centre stage of KAYA Network’s online toolkit.

Already live in Alpha, FintechDB™ launches Beta in August 2018 with the following objectives:

  1. It provides a robust platform for information on Fintech and Blockchain companies – by identifying trends and opportunities based on market data, track records of old companies, and correlating custom variables developed over time.

Individuals and VCs within KAYA Network use FintechDB™ to seek out the top startups in the industry.

  1. Corporates and financial institutions access FintechDB™ to identify their best technology partner from all corners of the globe. The information available on the KAYA Network blockchain adds verifiability and trust for services offered in the ecosystem.

Being part of the database of FintechDB™ increases your chances of discovery as a solution provider.


The KAYA Network Membership Fee, whilst FintechDB™ is in Alpha and Beta stages, are waived for Annual Members. The 1 year of the Annual Membership begins after Beta at stable release. Commit to an Annual Membership during Alpha stage for the Early Bird discounted price of US$200 until 31st July 2018.  Prices will go up as follows:

Discount tillUSD PriceKAYA Price
31st July 20182005,000
31st Oct 20183005,000
31st Dec 20185007,000 or Market Price if listed


Annual Membership includes:

– 1 Free contributed article/ press release/ featured interview published (subject to approval). Only available to Annual Membership holders

– Member prices at 90% discount compared to non-member prices


KAYA Network Costs and Rewards List:

CostsAnnual MembersNon-Members
To send a Message on FintechDB™0.1 KAYA1 KAYA
To like a page on FintechDB™ (max 1 like per page)0.1 KAYA1 KAYA
For 1 press release/ contributed article/ featured interview (subject to approval)1 Free then 5,000 KAYA or US$300Not Available
To update page information in FintechDB™Free (Max Limit of 5 updates per calendar month pro rata)Not Available
Log into FintechDB™ at least once per day0.1 KAYA1 KAYA
Log into FintechDB™ at least once per day Mon to SunBonus of 0.3 KAYA on top of daily 0.1 KAYABonus of 3 KAYA on top of daily 1 KAYA
Log into FintechDB™ at least once per day for 1 calendar monthBonus of 1 KAYA on top of daily 0.1 KAYA and weekly 0.3 KAYA bonusBonus of 10 KAYA on top of daily 1 KAYA and weekly 3 KAYA bonus
Submit news article to FintechDB™ linked to a company (subject to approval)0.2 KAYA2 KAYA


Join us early and help us improve FintechDB™ to better serve you and the community. Please write to to get your membership right away.


more about FintechDB™: