GUIDE: Receive KAYA Mosaic tokens in NEM Nano Wallet

This is a step-by-step guide you need to refer to for receiving KAYA, XEM and other Mosaic tokens in your NEM Nano Wallet.

lattice80 NEM XEM Mosaic

The New Economy Movement – widely know as NEM – is a smart contract platform. The Proof-of-Importance (PoI) consensus algorithm was first introduced by NEM when the blockchain platform launched on 31st March 2015, with XEM as the native token.

Unlike for the Ethereum platform’s ETH and ERC20 tokens, online wallets similar to MyEtherWallet and MyCrypto for storing XEM and Mosaic tokens are not available.

Mosaic tokens are built on the NEM blockchain. They are created and used to bring utility to blockchain projects, applications and platforms that are powered by NEM.

LATTICE80 ‘KAYA‘ is a Mosaic token issued on the NEM blockchain.

In our previous guide we showed how to easily setup a NEM Nano Wallet on your macOS, Windows, Linux and other devices. In this guide, we shall show you the exact steps to receive KAYA tokens to your NEM Nano Wallet address.

Please make sure that your desktop/laptop is virus-free and you choose a unique password when asked to choose one. This should not be a password you use elsewhere. Use a password manager to generate and manage strong, unique passwords.


Here’s how you can easily receive KAYA, a Mosaic token, to your NEM Nano Wallet desktop client:


1. Launch the NEM Nano Wallet application we installed and set up in the previous guide. Select ‘LOGIN‘ in the top right corner.

Receive KAYA Mosaic NEM XEM wallet 1


2. Select the wallet you created, and enter the password we set up in step 9 of the set up guide. Click ‘Sign In‘ to proceed.

Receive KAYA Mosaic NEM XEM wallet 2


3. Your Dashboard will now appear. Click on Account: Primary in the top right section.

Receive KAYA Mosaic NEM XEM wallet 3


4. Your wallet Address will be displayed. Ours is NCRF6E-I2JXPX-6ZRNEP-KZOBTX-3BZHPG-LGNSEM-YAOI.

Click on the blue copy button next to the address to copy it to your clipboard. You can now share this address with anyone to receive KAYA, XEM or other Mosaic tokens.

Receive KAYA Mosaic NEM XEM wallet 4


5. Once the transaction is initiated and confirmed on the blockchain, the Dashboard will be updated with the transaction details. For example, in the screenshot below you can see 100 KAYA Mosaic tokens are received.

Receive KAYA Mosaic NEM XEM wallet 5


And it is that simple!