Podcast: Joe Seunghyun Cho on Decrypt Asia with Tushar Aggarwal

Joe Seunghyun Cho talks to Tushar Aggarwal of Decrypt Asia about FinTech in Singapore, LATTICE80, KAYA Network and more...

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Our guest for this episode is Joe Seunghyun Cho. Joe has been a hedge fund manager and has run an asset management company before founding LATTICE80, one of the world’s largest fintech and blockchain hubs in Singapore. Joe has been a mentor to several young companies and regularly coordinates with the government and larger corporations to support the startup ecosystem.

Tune in to this episode on the Decrypt Asia podcast to find out about:

  • Joe’s background
  • How LATTICE80, the world’s biggest fintech/blockchain hub by size, came about
  • Government involvement in building out the startup ecosystem and getting all stakeholders involved
  • Expansion of LATTICE80 beyond Singapore, with the ultimate vision to eventually open LATTICE80 in 100 cities
  • Value-add beyond a co-working space by getting multiple stakeholders involved – startups, financial institutions / corporates, government, public
  • Evolution of fintech companies in Singapore
  • KAYA Network: connecting all stakeholders locally physically and globally to collaborate and do business and reducing the time required to take care of legal and due diligence issues
  • KAYA Network database and mini social database to eliminate travel costs
  • Utility of the KAYA token
  • Use of KAYA token beyond LATTICE80
  • Why KAYA is being built on the NEM Blockchain
  • Diving into a ‘staggered’ ICO
  • First few locations that LATTICE80 is going to focus on
  • Joe’s plans beyond the co-working space
  • Link to LATTICE80 website: https://www.lattice80.com/


via: https://decrypt.asia/entrepreneurs/episode20/