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Bitcoin (BTC) vs USD

Pleasant surprise to see my newsletter (shared yesterday) was used as a topic for an article in Alphaville (Financial Times)! Jemima is right to say I...

Interview: Olga Feldmeier – Smart Valor

LATTICE80 interviews Olga Feldmeier, co-founder and CEO of Smart Valor. She was recently identified as a top Fintech personality in our report LATTICE80 Europe 200.

LATTICE80 Blockchain 100

A report by LATTICE80 on the people to know and follow in blockchain globally. Includes founders, techies, people in government and regulatory bodies, and more.

Crypto Weekly – March 22, 2018

ETH (and XRP) were down on this week, while the other top 8 cryptocurrencies/assets gained over last week.   Data source: www.coinmarketcap.com as of March...

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