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Fintech India 50

LATTICE80 in collaboration with Fintech Asia presents the latest list of 50 top fintech companies you need to know in India.

LATTICE80 x NEM Blockchain 101: 2nd July 2018

LATTICE80, in partnership with the NEM Foundation, announces it's first offering under it's Impact Blockchain initiative — a free event to students of Singapore for an introduction...

LATTICE80 set up a foundation to offer free Blockchain programmes to...

LATTICE80 is setting up a foundation to offer free Blockchain education programmes to local students in Singapore. The Singapore branch of LATTICE80 will function as...

LATTICE80 x MITA Startup Accelerator Programme: Delegation and Demo Day details

Details of the Lithuanian delegation of startups led by MITA and link to get your tickets to the Demo Day in this post... LATTICE80 is glad to invite those wishing to attend the Demo Day on June 01, 2018.

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