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Marvelstone Group and enterprise office A*ccelerate sign MOU to incubate AI...

Training and education to reskill Singapore’s future workforce with skills for digital innovation.
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Smart City Solutions

This is an op-ed article by Marvelstone Group Co-founder & CEO, Gina Heng. Gina is also a Founding Partner of LATTICE80, and Founder of Miss Kaya.
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LATTICE80 to launch Crypto Exchange for Institutional Investors

London headquartered global fintech hub LATTICE80 announces its plans to launch a cryptocurrency exchange for institutional investors. The institutional cryptocurrency exchange will offer liquidity to other cryptocurrency funds and exchanges via a market making engine.

Marvelstone Group opens Smart City Innovation Lab in CBD in Singapore

Marvelstone Group opens 'Smart City Innovation Lab' in the Central Business District (CBD) of Singapore. By partnering with LATTICE80 and AI Hub, the Innovation Lab will be a facility to connect 20,000 global startups and institutions.

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