The Grand Debut of FinTech Taipei 2018: Taiwan’s FinTech Innovation Is Becoming Unstoppable


200 Companies from 11 Countries Gathered to Showcase FinTech Achievements 

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Dec. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — FinTech Taipei 2018 was held in the Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 from December 7-8. Hosted by the Taiwan Financial Services RoundTable (TFSR) and Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF), supervised by the Financial Supervisory Committee (FSC), the event demonstrated Taiwan’s innovative spirit and highlighted its technological achievements. More than 200 institutions from over 11 countries, including the US, the UK, Australia, and Poland, making up more than 80 international teams, and representing the private, public, and university sectors, participated in the event. Visitors witnessed the strength of Taiwan’s FinTech development, making FinTech Taipei 2018 an example for future international collaboration and innovation.

Finance Heavyweights from all over the World Gathered to Create a New International Platform for Taiwanese FinTech

FSC Chairman Koo remarked at the opening ceremony: "Over the past few years, Taiwan’s accumulated experience and energy have enabled its domestic financial industry players and start-ups to flex their muscles and move to the global stage. FinTech Taipei 2018 will drive creativity, open up new markets, and create new business opportunities." TFSR Chairman Hsu stated, "This expo will allow people to witness domestic FinTech achievements, which will accelerate the pace of domestic innovation and build publicity for FinTech Taipei, helping Taiwan’s innovation to go global." TABF Chairman Wu said that, "Taiwan cannot be absent from this FinTech revolution. Domestic financial institutions should be prepared for the changes it will bring, and must create digitalization, personnel and marketing channel strategies in response."

FinTech Taipei 2018 consisted of six main events: the FinTech Expo, Highlights Pavilion, International Conference, New Solutions Conference, Innovation Talks, and Demo Day.

The FinTech Expo used interactive user experience to connect the features of each booth. Expo participants consisted of start-up teams from 11 countries, including the British unicorn Revolute and various blockchains. 19 global technology companies, such as AWS, Microsoft, NEC, and MSCI, as well as more than 200 vendors, including academic institutions, enabled visitors to learn about the latest FinTech developments and international trends.

The Highlights Pavilion, co-hosted by the FSC and the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, provided an interactive "Future Financial City" user experience. Visitors played a fascinating scenario-based game which combined Taiwan’s FinTech development strategies, to experience facial unlocking, knowledge e-sport, information safety checkup, cashless stores of the future, and financial service applications such as biometric identification, blockchain applications, information safety checkup and mobile payments, etc., highlighting information safety, transaction convenience, and smart living. 

At the International Conference, Brett King — FinTech pioneer and author of "Bank 4.0" — and several other finance heavyweights were invited to share their views on industrial innovation, technological innovation, and regulation innovation. More than 500 people participated in this event.

The Innovation Talks included 20 keynote speeches from domestic financial institutions on blockchain, AI and FinTech, and their applications in banking, insurance, and financial planning product and service innovation, showcasing Taiwan’s FinTech achievements, and providing an opportunity for peer observation and exchange.

The New Solution Conference discussed the impact of FinTech digitalization on the global economy. Cloud computing strategies in Japan and Hong Kong and other lessons for start-up cultivation were also shared. International start-ups discussed their FinTech applications and shared solutions, while exchanging knowledge on international trends.

In the FinTech Demo Day & Press Conference, the FinTechBase team, along with several internationally-known financial institutions and start-ups from the UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore delivered 83 Speed Demo presentations. The InvesTaiwan Service Center of the Ministry of Economic Affairs also offered on-site consultations for overseas teams interested in developing in Taiwan, in the hopes of encouraging more collaboration among start-ups and creating more business opportunities in Taiwan.

General Public Welcomed to the Expo

Financial technology continues to be a topic of heated discussion around the world. In order to allow the general public to experience the future of FinTech, registration and admission were made free.

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