What is LATTICE80?

LATTICE80 is a community with more than 11,000 fintech startups and 200,000 professionals in our database. We believe that the fastest way to grow is by collaborating and helping one another through partnerships. Join us and let's grow together.

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LATTICE80 is a global FinTech Hub

What is a FinTech Hub? This is the question we are always asked!

LATTICE80 started in Singapore when we launched the world’s largest fintech hub in Nov 2016. (It was the biggest FinTech space by size at that time.)    

We decided to open the first space to connect the global community to the Fintech scene in Asia, and believed then that Singapore was the right place to do it.

Thanks to the awesome support from the community in Singapore, the space was opened by the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore and we were hosting close to 100 Fintech Startups (and perhaps more than 100 Fintech ideas!) by the end of our first year of operations!

We were overwhelmed by the traction from the various stakeholders from all over the world, and hosted almost 30 ministers and more than 100 international delegations!

Fortunately for us, we kickstarted this project at the right timing and the community has grown well by itself. Since then, we had a vision to expand in every city in Asia over time. Yes – every single city! we are ambitious and are definitely looking to launch the offices over time to fulfill our vision.

The Pivoting Point

However, over time, we realised that most of the assumptions we had on how to build a FinTech Hub were WRONG!

As growth and development are extremely fast paced in this industry, we had to constantly learn on the job and tackle challenges along the way.

One thing we never expected was the interest coming from outside of Asia, especially in Europe! And as we saw the opportunity to grow the community even further, we decided to move the global HQ to London.

But even as we expand our business in Europe, we are still intent on growing our businesses in Asia.

Just last October, we opened our new space in Hong Kong. Located at Shatin, a 20-minute drive away from Shenzhen, China, and also touted as China’s innovation and technology hub.

With this new hub, LATTICE80 aims to bring the best innovations from Hong Kong and China to the rest of the world. The space will also host our UN SDG-focused Blockchain Accelerator Program.

Our goal is to become the best gateway to Asia, as a Fintech community, and do more in emerging markets by connecting to communities in Africa, South America and other places over time.

How then is LATTICE80 the largest Fintech hub in the world?

To LATTICE80, a FinTech Hub is not just a physical space – it is all about the community.

When we first started out, we had called the hub the world’s largest Fintech hub due to its sheer physical size. However, as the business grew, so did the community, and it soon came to our realisation that the concept of a hub lies not only in its size, but more so, in the connections and global networks that are established amongst the community.

Since the beginning, the most important IP we wanted to build was a database of the different players in the Fintech ecosystem. We worked hard to build the platform which beta version is now live! As of now, we have more than 11,000 fintech startups and 200,000 professionals in our database, though we continuously work to improve on it.

So, are you in FinTech or simply want to find out more?

If yes, let’s connect and grow together!

We don’t believe in competition. We believe that the fastest way to grow is by collaborating and helping one another through partnerships.

Contact us at info@lattice80.com to find out how you can access our LATTICE80 database.